Make Hospice DME Ordering Easier with DME+

Qualis DME ordering and tracking solution for hospices

In the fast-paced landscape of hospice, where precision and timeliness are a must, the efficiency of your Durable Medical Equipment (DME) ordering process plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless patient care.

In the pursuit of delivering excellent continuity of care, modern technology emerges as the solution. In fact, many hospice providers are increasingly recognizing the need for interoperability to streamline their operational workflows. Are you one of them?

Make today the day you take a closer look at DME software — designed to revolutionize the way hospices manage their workflows. Qualis’s software, DME+, not only addresses the challenges of traditional manual methods but also enhances accuracy, efficiency, and overall productivity.

Together, let’s delve into the crucial role of an efficient ordering process in hospice and explore how our DME software stands out as a transformative tool, empowering hospice providers to navigate the complexities of DME tracking & procurement with ease and precision.

The Challenges of Traditional DME Ordering Methods

It’s easy to feel as if the demand for DME is constant, especially if you’re still attempting to meet your patients’ needs with traditional ordering and tracking methods. Just because they have long been the norm doesn’t mean the old way is the best way.

These conventional approaches bring with them a host of challenges that can impede the quality of patient care. Manual or outdated ordering processes are particularly susceptible to various inefficiencies, errors, and delays.

One common issue is the prevalence of manual data entry errors, which can lead to inaccuracies in order details and potential patient safety concerns. Additionally, the reliance on paper-based documentation can result in order processing delays that hinder hospice providers from promptly addressing patients' needs. Duplicate orders and discrepancies in inventory levels further compound the challenges, leading to resource wastage and increased administrative burdens.

As we stop to think about the inadequacies of these traditional methods, it becomes evident that a transformative shift towards modern solutions, such as DME software, is not only beneficial but increasingly imperative for hospice organizations seeking to enhance the reliability and efficiency of their ordering processes.

A Brief Overview of DME Software

In response to the evolving landscape of hospice management, DME software has emerged as a transformative solution to streamline the complex process of equipment ordering and management. Its primary functions encompass a range of activities crucial to the efficient management of durable medical equipment, including procurement. order processing, and integrating with your EMR. You can order DME in a matter of seconds, not minutes, from your computer or mobile device.

How does ordering work with DME+? Patient information is pulled from your EMR, you select the DME vendor and items you need, then hit “submit.” That’s it! The DME vendor is notified in real-time. That’s as simple as it gets.

Key Features of DME Software

When looking at the key features of our DME software, it’s clear why it’s considered a valuable asset for hospice providers. Firstly, DME+ offers a centralized platform for managing and tracking all aspects of durable medical equipment, providing real-time visibility into usage patterns and order statuses. This functionality not only minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual tracking, but also enables hospices to make informed decisions regarding equipment procurement and allocation.

In addition, DME software often incorporates automation capabilities, streamlining the order entry and processing workflows. Automation reduces the likelihood of human errors, such as data entry mistakes or duplicate orders, ensuring greater accuracy and a more reliable ordering system. 

The integration of electronic documentation and communication features enhances collaboration between hospices and suppliers, fostering efficient and transparent communication channels. When communicating within the portal with your DME vendor, your data — including name, date, and time ordered — is stored and stamped on each order indefinitely. This feature streamlines communication between all partners while helping to ensure accountability.

What’s working in your ordering process? What isn’t? Another notable benefit of DME software lies in its ability to generate comprehensive reports and analytics. You and your team will be able to make use of valuable insights into usage patterns, equipment lifecycle, and financial considerations, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

The key features of DME software contribute to increased accuracy, efficiency, and transparency to align with the evolving needs of hospices striving to deliver high-quality patient care. Let’s dig deeper into this now.

The Main Advantages of Using DME Software in Your Ordering Process

Improved Accuracy

One of the biggest advantages of integrating DME software into your ordering process lies in its proven ability to enhance accuracy. The degree of precision made possible by DME software is crucial for patient safety, operational efficiency, and resource optimization.

DME software mitigates the risks associated with manual data entry errors that are prevalent in traditional ordering methods. By automating your order entry process, the software minimizes the chances of transcription mistakes, calculation errors, and other inaccuracies that can compromise the integrity of orders.

It also incorporates sophisticated validation checks to prevent the occurrence of duplicate orders. This not only safeguards against financial inefficiencies but also contributes to maintaining an orderly inventory.

Discrepancies in inventory levels and order fulfillment can be a common challenge when using manual processes. DME software provides real-time visibility to ensure hospice providers have accurate and up-to-date information. This real-time tracking minimizes the chances of discrepancies between what is ordered and what is available in the inventory, making for a more synchronized and error-free ordering system.

Increased Efficiency

DME software enhances efficiency in the ordering process by automating and streamlining key workflows. Through features such as automated order entry, and seamless communication between hospice providers and suppliers, DME+ reduces manual tasks, minimizes processing times, and ensures a swift and accurate flow of information. These newfound efficiencies translate into faster order processing, timely equipment delivery, and overall improvements in operational workflows.

Cost Savings

DME software contributes to cost savings by streamlining operations and reducing administrative overhead. Through automated workflows and accurate inventory management, DME+ minimizes errors, prevents unnecessary expenses, and optimizes resource allocation. The software's efficiency leads to lower administrative costs, fewer instances of order-related expenditures, and overall financial benefits for hospice providers — ultimately contributing to a more cost-effective and sustainable ordering system.

Detailed Daily Dashboards & Reporting

You can build and access reports any time of the day, any day of the week. Simply use your data to filter and refine what you want to download into an Excel file. You can run an unlimited number of reports whenever you want. When you’re able to generate comprehensive reports for instant analysis and strategic decision-making, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make the switch to a robust DME software!

Get Your Demo of DME+

There’s a lot to love about what DME+ can do for your DME ordering process. With a little help from today’s best technology, your ordering process can be easier, quicker, less error-prone, and less costly too. Don’t forget: it will help ensure you stick to all industry regulations and guidelines.

Are you ready to boost your bottom line while delivering higher-quality patient care? Reach out to our knowledgeable, supportive team to learn more about the advantages of a Qualis partnership. Your hospice could be using DME software for a seamless ordering process very soon. Your next step is to contact the Qualis team and ask for a free software demo. We’d be happy to show you everything DME+ can do for you, your team, and of course — your patients.


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Make Hospice DME Ordering Easier with DME+

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