Seamlessly Interface with your EMR

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The DME Ordering Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Qualis sets up your EMR interface and you gain access to real-time patient and demographic status information. Patient data auto-populates within the orders application and provides the nursing and billing staff with the most accurate and timely details.

We offer both web-based and a mobile-friendly version of the software. Either way, getting started is easy.

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Order DME in a Matter of Seconds, Not Minutes

Interfacing with your EMR reduces the time needed to order equipment while also increasing the accuracy of the information. DME+ can automatically send pickup requests (configurable by hospice) based on EMR status to ensure timely pick-up of the equipment.

It's simple: while placing an order from your computer or mobile device, patient information is instantly pulled from your EMR. You select the DME vendor and items you need, then hit “submit."  That’s it! The DME vendor is notified in real-time.