Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Qualis will utilize any DME company you choose. You may also take advantage of the national network of DME providers with whom Qualis has contracted. Qualis delivers the DME vendors you need while lowering your overall costs and improving value.

Yes. Qualis can handle all aspects of the administration of your DME services. We help improve your patient care with web-based CE/CME clinical education courses, assisting your nurses to order the right equipment at the right time. Qualis saves nurses time with a real-time DME ordering system. Our system eliminates vendor invoicing while providing you with detailed financial analysis. Qualis negotiates preferred vendor pricing, pays vendors twice a month (faster than any other management company in the country), resolves any problems, and conducts quality audits on accreditation, education, and maintenance. We offer a comprehensive Quality Improvement Program to ensure high-quality vendor equipment and service.

No. You would not be required to switch equipment or change providers. Our goal at Qualis is for patients and their families to be happy with their hospice care and DME services. If patients request to remain with their current DME provider, then you are not required to change to a preferred provider. However, if patients are willing to change to a preferred provider, you will realize the cost savings.

No. Qualis does not schedule equipment delivery or the timing of the deliveries. Qualis does not want to interfere with the workflows between patients, clients, and providers or disrupt timely delivery of equipment. The client will continue to coordinate care and services.

Qualis offers three payment options:

  1. A conventional formulary per diem
  2. Fee-for-service
  3. Our most popular all-in ‘Cap-Cap’