Why Your Hospice Needs DME Management

A hospice is a highly dynamic environment that requires keeping track of many different moving components at one time. Hospice teams carry the weight of so much responsibility for their patients and the organization itself. Promoting a highly efficient team requires that hospices remain open to testing new strategies and approaches to strike the right balance of energy output and time management. 

Finding simple solutions to manage smaller tasks in the everyday operations of a hospice will save time and help processes run more smoothly. Patient care will drastically increase when care teams can spend more time giving hands-on care and not behind a computer charting or tracking DME orders. Durable medical equipment orders constantly go out, forcing care teams to spend precious time jumping through hoops to manage orders. 

Here are some of the top reasons your hospice needs DME management! 

Improving Communication 

Time is never on our side working in the healthcare industry. Managing so many different tasks and patients in a day makes even just taking a moment to catch your breath a real challenge. Care teams sometimes work several avenues when managing DME to ensure on-time delivery to suitable patients. 

Additionally, hospice care is a round-the-clock service that requires teams to be ready to pivot and change directions at a moment’s notice. DME management will help improve overall communication by breaking down the barriers between vendors and care providers. Qualis’s platform lets hospice workers make specific delivery notes or changes instantly to simplify communication. 

Extra Set of Eyes

Managing all incoming and outgoing DME orders in a hospice organization can be stressful. To help keep track of all the orders, DME management acts as an extra set of eyes, carefully tracking every order your team places. DME management solutions like Qualis simplify your DME management by providing a single platform you can depend on to find all your DME orders. 

Additionally, Qualis will track all statuses in real-time, leaving the need to wait for an update on deliveries.  Having an extra set of eyes helping watch your durable medical equipment management will take a massive stressor off the entire team’s back. 

Simplifying Logistics

Over the years, the importance of logistics has become more evident in everyday life. Patients need their DME to be delivered on time to maintain comfort and, in some cases, sustain life.  

 Hospices depend on fine-tuned logistics to ensure that patients' durable medical equipment is delivered to the right place and on time. Streamlining your hospice’s logistics means simplifying an already over-complex process by having every order and status in one location. 

Qualis’s DME management platform has everything a hospice needs to track deliveries, find quality vendors, and even update last-minute changes. Hospice teams can enjoy simplifying logistics with the right management team supporting their needs as they manage high-level patient care.  

Vendor Network 

Equipping a hospice with teams with more resources will help them execute job duties better. The more options a team member has to navigate a situation, the faster they will have to think outside the box. Working with a DME management partner like Qualis will provide hospice teams access to extensive vendor lists, bringing more resources to the table. 

Hospice managers will enjoy having more DME options for their teams because it can help lower the bottom line. Qualis offers a list of over 900 different DME vendors for hospices to choose from, meaning finding a cheaper solution is much more viable. Additionally, all the vendors are scattered across the country, providing more options for emergency DME situations. 

Continuing Education 

Continuing Education is a requirement for many healthcare professionals to keep up with their yearly credentials. Finding a DME management partner comes with extra benefits of streamlining a hospice’s DME and education. To better serve the team, keeping up to date with new ways to manage and order DME will continue bolstering ROI. 

Learning how to manage DME better will give teams the upper hand when continuously evolving their DME operations. Qualis offers continuing education that keeps up on the latest DME management trends and new ways for your team to streamline durable medical equipment. Top hospice industry leaders guide the courses with hands-on clinical and operations management experience. 

Seamless Implementation

What is a DME management solution if the team doesn’t know how to navigate and operate the platform? When hospices decide to partner with Qualis, implementation training is provided for all team members. The Qualis platform is highly customizable to different teams. Starting day one of implementation on a good foot is the key to embracing change. Employee satisfaction will increase when they know management is taking steps to make their jobs easier. 

Better Patient Care

The hospice organization and employees aren’t the only ones who enjoy the many benefits of finding a DME management solution. Patient care quality will increase substantially when durable medical equipment operations are streamlined. 

Many patients rely on their durable medical equipment, and ensuring they get the best equipment on time is the key to happy patients. Avoid lag times between orders with a DME management solution that looks out for everyone’s best interest. 

Why Choose Qualis?

Qualis is the leading durable medical equipment management solution in the hospice industry. Our team has been developing and honing Qualis’s DME solutions for over ten years, helping hundreds of groups improve their hospice DME operations. Qualis will handle all the small administrative tasks that eat up critical time that could be used for better patient care and ease the stress on staff members. 

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