What are DME Trackers?

Working in hospice, medical professionals are constantly looking for ways to streamline services. As the industry evolves, finding new ways to optimize systems will become more of a focal point for hospice providers. DME trackers fill a necessary hole many hospice providers don’t even realize exists.

The path of patient care is highly collaborative and requires involving handfuls of people to provide services along the way. Of these services receiving and using durable medical equipment sits near the top since so many patients require these devices throughout their care. 

DME tracking solutions are available for immediate implementation to keep everyone updated on patient care and equipment. These tracking solutions display everything hospice teams need to know about their patient’s durable medical equipment in one location.   

Understanding DME Trackers

Durable medical equipment trackers are essentially software that contains all the updated data about a DME product. This software is critical for hospice teams to get everything they need to know about their device in one location. 

This readily available data ensures that hospice operations and patient care are optimized and streamlined. Saving time and tracking device data will help teams better understand where their resources are best spent for improving care and the bottom line. 

1. Location Tracking 

From the time your DME order is placed to final delivery, hospice teams can track the status of their durable medical equipment. DME tracking also gives hospice teams proof of delivery for CMS reimbursement. There is usually more than one order at a time; these DME trackers will help you see an active status. Careful monitoring of DME orders will help your organization manage multiple care plans. 

2. Easy Accounting

Hospice organizations need to keep a close eye on their books when it comes to accounting. The DME trackers, like those found already integrated into Qualis’s DME management software, make accounting more accessible than ever. Sifting through invoice after invoice can slow daily operations and eventually bleed into patient care. 

DME trackers take the worry out of the equation by instantly pulling up all accounting reports you may need. They also save drastic amounts of precious time by not having to wait for month’s-end to collect a payment and record invoices. DME trackers keep accounting teams updated on the latest activity inside their organization. 

3. Communication 

When it comes to any business, having effective communication is one of the most crucial components for success. Hospice providers are no exception, especially when dealing with sensitive situations like patient care. 

Qualis’s DME management solutions allow for simple communication between the DME vendor and Qualis. This also allows medical providers to communicate specific instructions for the delivery that vendors otherwise would not know. 

4. Simple Reporting 

In the hospice industry, teams must juggle multiple factors and challenges simultaneously. Unfortunately, the constant juggling battle can sometimes leave groups feeling frustrated and unsure where time and energy are best spent. 

Through the Qualis DME tracking software, medical professionals can instantly pull an unlimited amount of reports simultaneously. Access to vital information 24/7 can help resolve issues in the field that would otherwise eat up time and resources. DME trackers show live statuses on the durable medical equipment orders, locations, and updates. 

5. Vendor Availability 

Integrating Qualis’s DME tracker is one of the best decisions a hospice provider can make if they are pressed on resources. Not only can the DME tracker lend a helping hand in ordering equipment, but it can also provide you with a list of vendors to choose from. Having as many options available for your team is one of the best ways to provide the best patient care possible. 

Qualis teams up with over 900 vendors across 37 other states to provide hospice teams with what they need to succeed. The Qualis DME tracker will show you everything you need to find the right equipment at the right price. 

6. More Organization 

Finally, DME trackers are a great way to improve the organization of your hospice operations drastically. Not only does it help save paper and reduce waste, but the Qualis DME tracker comes already organized with plenty of customization options. Set up your DME tracker to best serve you and your team while staying up-to-date on your hospice’s DME statuses. 

One quick and most effective way for hospices to streamline operations is by organizing the critical information that makes up patient care. Ordering and tracking durable medical equipment is one of the most vital aspects of patient care since, typically, patients need this equipment.

Incorporating a DME tracker into your hospice organization is one of the best ways to create a high-functioning team. DME trackers work to help keep up on the status of DME being ordered and shipped along. Additionally, they act as an excellent solution for communication between vendor and provider since plans can change at a moment's notice. 

Qualis’s DME solution is a one-stop shop for DME tracking and management. Your hospice will get in-depth reporting and analysis on all durable medical equipment. Invoicing and accounting will be more accessible by not having to manage multiple invoices and instant access to payment statuses. Hospices that choose Qualis also get special CE/CME courses and software implementation training for the team.

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