How DME Management Can Save Your Hospice Money

With rising costs pressing the bounds of hospice’s pocketbooks daily, hospices are often looking for ways to control costs. Unfortunately, trying to adapt to the constantly changing world means you must reevaluate every area of your business.Additionally, saving money doesn’t always require having to make harsh cost cuts that send a negative ripple effect on the team. 

You don’t have to cut costs on your operations' hands-on clinical care side because there are other ways to save money. Simply streamlining your everyday operations will give you a long list of benefits that your organization will continuously enjoy. Your organization’s DME management process is one way to reel in several areas of cash-control benefits for every order. 

This article will explore the different ways investing in a solid DME Management solution will continuously save you money.   

What is DME Management?

DME, or durable medical equipment, is one of the core components of every hospice because of the constant demand. Often, patients who require durable medical equipment have an ailment or injury that requires them to use specific equipment to sustain everyday life. This demand spans almost every patient within your hospice since most patients need medical assistance already. DME management is the systems and processes you have to order and fulfill your hospice’s patients 'requirements.

Importance of Streamlined DME Management 

  • Save Time- By further investing and expanding your DME management processes, you will help your team save loads of time every day. Traditionally, medical providers would need to take several steps and jump through various hoops to place a simple order. Highly efficient DME management will save your team time when ordering DME by condensing the entire process into just a few easy steps. 
  • Accurate Ordering- It’s essential your DME deliveries are correctly fulfilled the first time to give your patient an excellent care experience. Disruptions and inaccuracies in ordering DME will cause significant delays in the entire care plan and potentially force your patients to be uncomfortable until their order is correct and delivered. 
  • Improved Communication- Everyone knows communication is key to success, especially when working in a team environment. The hospice industry is highly dynamic, and working in this field can sometimes be stressful. Implementing new ways for your team to excel and improve their job performance will result in better efficiency for everyone and a happier whole team.  

DifferentWays DME Management Will Save You Money

When DME management is optimized, hospices will experience the benefits in more ways than one. The ripple effects will spread throughout the entire organization and help enhance overall operations from start to finish. Logistics are often an overlooked aspect of any organization because many think that improving hands-on clinical care will improve the quality of care. 

However, it is crucial to stay on top of clinical care advancements; improved logistics will benefit both patients and your operational flow.

Item Management Controls 

DME management will give your hospice more control and oversight on your various orders going in and out. It’s critical that your operations be organized and easy to access forever yone on the team. Working in the healthcare industry, team members are not uncommon to be dispersed around the facility or locations. Ensuring your operations are straightforward and accessible to everyone will encourage effective communication for the team. 

Item management control is how you manage all the active moving parts in your DME processes. A central point means everyone can see the statuses of incoming and outgoing orders. This is the best way to increase ordering accuracy and reduce logistical mishaps. In the long run, the hospice loads of money are set in place. 

Utilization Best Practices

It’s near-impossible to keep up with all the best practices when ordering DME for your patients.Between ensuring you order the proper equipment, getting the right DME at the right price, and ensuring timely delivery, it’s too much to keep up with every time. Additionally, trends can change at a moment’s notice, so you may not even be up to date on the latest DME ordering processes. 

One of the most unrealized ways DME management can save money is by simply ensuring you’re using best practices every time. DME management solutions will take care of everything for you, so you can focus on quickly ordering and then moving on with your next task. An increase in productivity will drastically increase the efficiency of every team member and ultimately save costs by consistently using best practices. 

Qualis is Ready to Serve You

Implementing a DME management solution in your hospice is guaranteed to help you save money in more than one way. Giving your team the best tools to do their job correctly will result in a happier team, more efficient processes, cutting costs everywhere possible, and ultimately better patient care. 

Qualis is the solution you need to ensure your DME continues to flow effortlessly every day. Start saving costs today by chatting with a Qualis team member to learn about the other ways you can benefit from a DME management solution. 

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