Clinical Tools and Accreditation: Why it's Important to Your Hospice

Clinical tools and accreditations are constantly evolving as hospice processes continue to improve. The intent is always the same, find new ways to execute more tasks in one step and deliver higher quality results. These new findings are helping hospices improve overall output and quality of patient care. Hospices that don’t embrace change are missing out on the long list of improved potential. 

What are Clinical Tools?

Clinical tools are not restricted to just hands-on medical applications; a clinic has many different areas where tools can be applied. There are clinical tools available to improve various processes, from checking heart rates to logistical needs. One area constantly overlooked is how durable medical equipment ordering and delivery processes can be improved.   

Clinical Tools Designed to Improve DME Operations

Your DME operations never stop because the needs of our patients are shifting as they move through their care plans. Introducing new ways to manage, order, and arrange delivery of your patient’s DME will bring a host of benefits to the entire organization. DME processes are a core function of a successful hospice despite being frequently overlooked. 

What is Accreditation? 

Throughout almost every professional field, there is a requirement to undergo constant education. Working as a hospice professional is highly dynamic and demands frequent reeducation of skills and industry developments. Seeking continuing education courses on DME and logistic operations is a great way to grow your team’s skillset outside of direct medical application. However, it’s also vital to ensure the course providers are recognized as authentic points of authority by their credentials and accreditations. 

Reasons Your Hospice Needs Clinical Tools and Accreditation

Every hospice should strive to seek constant improvements in its processes to help the team and patients. It can be intimidating to embrace change and implement new systems, but taking the leap will be worth it.

Here are some reasons your hospice can benefit from integrating new clinical tools and accredited education.  

Improve Overall Operations 

All your current operations are intertwined, so it’s easy to experience a domino effect of benefits when you improve just one process. Specifically for hospice organizations, patients will be the recipient of direct improvement since they are the focal point of the entire team. 

Build Forward Momentum to Growth

Hospices instantly start moving in the right direction just by taking the first steps of researching possible clinical tools and continuing education courses. As long they continue taking the next steps, hospices will enjoy better, more sustainable growth that will build like a snowball.    

Better Patient Care

Every healthcare organization wants to provide patients with the best possible care and treatment. Hospices operate in a highly sensitive area of healthcare and must strive never to stop improving patient care quality. Guiding patients through end-of-life challenges demands hospices ensure they provide the highest quality of care.

Happier Employees

How important is employee satisfaction to you? It seems like a no-brainer to want your employees to be happy, but often leadership fails to identify how they can retain employee satisfaction in the long run. Help your employees implement new systems that will reduce their current workload. Hospice employees are forced to juggle multiple responsibilities daily, so helping lift some weight off their shoulders will go a long way. 

3 Ways Qualis will Improve Hospice DME Operations

Qualis is the leading DME management tool on the market, having earned tenure after serving hospices for over two decades. Time continues to enforce Qualis’s ability to improve a hospice’s operations almost instantly. 

1. Provide CE/CEU by Accredited Sources

Highly experienced and accredited professionals lead all of the continuing education courses Qualis has to offer. Keep up on the latest logistical and DME trends that are proven to produce results. 

2. Vendor Capability

Do you think your team would benefit if they had a wider selection of DME options? DME costs can build up, and unfortunately, many hospices put themselves in a corner by making exclusive deals with one DME vendor. Working with Qualis gives you instant access to our widespread list of over nine hundred different vendors ready to serve you. Now your team can find exactly what they need with various cost options available to help save money.  

3. Fewer Steps, More Action

The most prominent solution Qualis provides is drastically reducing how many steps it takes to perform one regular task. Qualis is designed to handle several time-consuming steps of finding and ordering DME, helping save time across your entire DME operation. 

Get Started with Qualis Today

When you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of implementing faster and more accurate DME clinical tools, reach out to Qualis! We provide the necessary solutions to take a significant workload off your team’s shoulders by improving your DME operations. Our DME management system is designed and led by an executive leadership team with many years of hospice industry experience. 

Ready to learn more? Contact us! 

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