8 Things That Your Hospice DME Management Company Should Be Doing

How far does your hospice DME management company go for your hospice organization? Hospices need as much help as possible to remain highly efficient in their day-to-day tasks.  

Often hospice care teams are pressed with several tasks and issues they must handle and resolve daily. Providing excellent patient care is challenging when care teams are constantly forced to handle smaller tasks that a DME management company can otherwise automate. 

Your DME management company can be an excellent resource for delegating logistical tasks that eat up your hospice’s time. Any extra minutes saved throughout the day will add up to hours gained in productivity. 

Here is a list of eight things your DME management company should do to provide your hospice with the most value. 

1. Getting Better Pricing

Every hospice organization should constantly strive to reduce operating costs every month. One of the best ways to cut costs is by giving your team the opportunities to find the same DME but at much lower prices.  

Your DME management company needs to offer various vendors so care teams can opt for cheaper options. Many hospices are forced to work with only one vendor for all their DME needs which can drive costs and cause logistical strains if inventory is low. 

Qualis’s Solution to Pricing

Hospices that partner with Qualis will have access to a list of over nine hundred different vendors. These vendors are spread across thirty-seven states to provide cheaper options and better availability for your hospice and patients. 

2. Contracting

Does your team handle all of your current contracting with vendors and delivery arrangements? Though necessary, managing contracts can seriously waste energy and time your team can use on other higher-priority tasks. DME management companies can easily lift this responsibility off your team's shoulders and significantly reduce stress. 

Qualis’s Solution to Contracting 

Joining forces with Qualis will provide your hospice with much-needed relief by managing all contracting. Qualis’s contracting management is a comprehensive approach to consolidating all your contracts into one location for easy access. 

3. Quality Education

Your DME processes may be in place, but does your team know the different ways they can optimize? Is everyone keeping up with the latest DME management trends? DME management companies must provide their hospice clients with up-to-date information that tracks the best ways to streamline DME operations.  

Qualis’s Solution to Education 

Qualis’s leadership team consists of individuals with keen insights and understanding of the hospice industry. These individuals use their industry experience to provide continuing education courses for hospice teams. These courses teach teams how to evolve and maximize their DME operations to constant workflow improvements. 

4. Managing Claims 

The claims process can sometimes be time-consuming and rigorous at times, with back-and-forth dialogue between vendors and hospice. A DME management company can handle all the claims for your hospice team, saving time and maximizing efficiency. 

Qualis’s Solution to Claims Management

Qualis can act as your Accountable Care Organization and take a significant stressor off your plate. Our DME management solutions will help organize and manage all of the claims within your hospice, so you don’t have to. 

5. Quickly Resolve DME Problems or Issues

When it comes to managing DME orders, there will inevitably be issues that your team will encounter. These issues can significantly disrupt care plans and can have devastating effects on the patients needing their DME to help sustain a higher quality of life. DME management companies must be able to quickly resolve DME issues so hospices can continue to provide the best, uninterrupted care possible. 

Qualis’s Solution to DME Resolutions 

Our DME management can help your team with fast solutions to overcome DME issues. DME complications will surface, but their impact will be minimal when your team has all the proper measures to bounce back. Qualis’s ability to resolve these DME problems is one of the biggest reasons hospices continue to choose Qualis for their DME management solutions. 

6. Cutting Out Redundancy 

Ask yourself, “Can your current DME operations be cut down into more simple steps?” A DME management company needs to help reduce any minuscule yet tedious processes that take extra time. Your DME management company needs to provide clearly defined processes that cut out redundancies or additional steps that don’t actually provide value to the result.    

Qualis’s Solution to Redundancy

The Qualis platform is strategically designed to save hospice care teams time by cutting everything they need to order DME into a few steps. Placing a DME order through Qualis can take less than a minute, boosting overall productivity. In addition to cutting out extra steps, Qualis’s interface is easy to navigate, saving even more time by not having to fight through a complicated platform. 

7. Solutions for Administrative Help and Approval

Some hospices require administrative approval when ordering certain DME for patients. Waiting for approval can hold up the whole patient care process if admin teams are unavailable. DME management companies need to provide a way for care teams to have all the authorization and help they need from their admin teams without risking delays. 

Qualis’s Solution to Administrative Help and Approval

Qualis offers a unique feature allowing automatic administrative pre-approval for specific transactions. This will save time when the care team is trying to place orders on equipment if they don’t have to wait for the required approval. 

8. Communicating Throughout the Entire DME Process 

Your DME management company needs to help streamline communication between your entire team to eliminate any room for confusion. Closely tracking DME orders is essential for ensuring patients get the equipment they need and care plans can continue. Additionally, for the entire hospice team to reach maximum efficiency, they must be on the same page regarding all their DME orders. 

Qualis’s Solution to Communication 

Integrating Qualis into your hospice will be the best way to streamline DME communication across the board. Everyone on the team will be able to use and understand the current order statuses with no questions. 

Qualis’s platform provides real-time updates on all orders and allows hospice care teams to communicate with vendors. Last-minute changes are bound to occur, and Qualis offers quick communication to help ensure vendors can pivot and deliver the right equipment on time.  

Your Next Steps

It may be time to reevaluate your current DME management company if they are not providing a comprehensive solution to your DME operations. Qualis has been the industry’s leading DME management solution for over a decade, with real experience transforming hospice operations. Contact Qualis to learn how we can seamlessly integrate into your hospice DME processes and bolster overall productivity. 

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