3 Ways DME Software Can Prevent Tracking Issues in Your Hospice

Let’s face it: technology and digital solutions are evolving at an enormously rapid pace, and oftentimes it can be daunting for organizations to keep up with the latest and greatest offerings.

When investing in a resource for your hospice, it’s crucial to choose a solution that works to streamline your operations, therefore making your clinicians lives easier. First ask yourself: what are areas of my organization that need improvement? By pinpointing your priorities, you’ll find it easier to decide on a solution that addresses your most looming challenges.

Many hospices strive to find more streamlined ways to order and track durable medical equipment (DME) for their patients. Addressing your DME workflow’s weaknesses will both help your staff save time and your hospice save money.

How do you track durable medical equipment?

It’s simple: implementing a straightforward and efficient DME software solution will substantially boost overall operations in your hospice. Keep reading to see three ways that DME software can help prevent tracking and ordering issues at your agency.

Fast Access to DME Orders

Handling the status of all your patients and DME orders while juggling the duty of keeping each team member up to speed is a uniquely daunting task. DME software solutions keep clinicians updated on all incoming and outgoing DME orders. Because this area of hospice tends to be extremely dynamic with a variety of moving parts, the ordering system acts as a single point of truth that consolidates all DME activity.

Furthermore, your hospice team will reap the added benefits of having everyone on the same page when it comes to their DME order statuses, resulting in an increase of time savings and an uptick in team unity. Managing the logistics of DME orders is hard enough; DME solutions like Qualis’ make this workflow much easier and controllable.

Network of DME Availability

Most hospice patients require durable medical equipment to support everyday tasks. As patients continue through their hospice care, they might require different types of equipment depending on their condition. Qualis’ DME software solution gives your team options: we contract with a variety of outstanding local and national vendors to provide your hospice with alternatives, so your patients are never left waiting for a crucial piece of equipment.

Simplified & Streamlined Communication

In hospice, it’s safe to say most clinicians expect last-minute changes. Patient care is constantly fluctuating, meaning staff need to turn and adapt within a moment’s notice.

Working with a DME solution allows the team to bridge the gap between the hospice and the vendor. A more polished and streamlined communication system is crucial during those eleventh-hour moments when orders need to be altered or updated. Communication is key when it comes to running hospice, and DME software solutions like Qualis are the perfect link to connecting your team with the vendors when sudden changes happen.

Finding the right DME management solution provides your hospice with a uniquely special tool. Having access to a wide network of DME vendors is crucial to providing excellent patient care and partnering with Qualis provides hospice workers with 900+ vendors and a solution that is easy to use and centralized for straightforward communication.

Contact us today for your free DME Diagnosis. Let’s discuss how we can make a noticeable difference in your DME management process.

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